Hideo Kojima and the “future of audiovisual storytelling”: awarded at the Cologne Film Festival

Hideo Kojima Will Be at Comic-Con in San Diego: News About Death Stranding for PS4?

The next 10 October will kick off the Cologne Film Festival, an event dedicated to the world of cinema that will continue for a whole week in the German city.

Pending the official opening of the event, the awarding of a prestigious award to the game director Hideo Kojima was announced. The father of the Metal Gear saga will indeed be awarded the Cologne Creative Award, an honor which, as stated on the official website of the event, ” honors a personality that contributes to defining the future of audiovisual narration in a visionary and creative way through a form of communication “.

In the excerpt dedicated to the motivations that led the Film Festival to celebrate the videogame author, we can read: ” Is it a game? Is it a film? There is no difference for Kojima. The incessant development of technological potential has only fueled his desire to exploit these possibilities to the full. Therefore it is no surprise that it is ready for its next and perhaps biggest step so far, the sci-fi adventure Death Stranding, in which the digitized versions of stars such as Norman are cast Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Léa Seydoux “.