Is Mafia 2 Remaster under development together with Mafia 4?

Mafia 4

Recently Take-Two has renewed the Mafia brand giving way to a series of speculations on Mafia 4, the next episode of the series not yet announced by the American publisher.

According to some rumors, Mafia IV would already be under development in the Hangar13 studios with PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, but there is also talk of a possible remaster of Mafia 2, a title originally released on August 2010.

In fact, Take-Two has also renewed the trademark linked to Mafia II, an operation that usually takes place when a new version of the game is released. There could be maybe the will to put back the original title (maybe on Epic Games Store) or to convert the game on current generation platforms with a direct port or a remaster.

Mafia III, released in 2016, was warmly welcomed by the critic a but it met with some commercial success with over five million copies sold, so it is unlikely that Take-Two will abandon the franchise, and the Hangar13 studio was born to work on the series in question and in all probability important funds have already been allocated to carry on the saga also in the coming years. At the moment everything is silent, so we are waiting for any announcements.