Little Town Hero: the Game Freak game shows itself in a new trailer

Little Town Hero

The guys at Game Freak, the developers of the Pokemon series, presented a trailer for their new RPG Little Town Hero. The short 30-second video shows the fight with a monster and some of the skills that will be available in combat.

Little Town Hero is set in a small village where residents are forbidden to leave. The character that will be played by the players instead wants to explore the world but is stopped by a monster that attacks the village. Using a strange red stone and helped by his fellow citizens he will succeed in repelling the dark forces he will encounter in his path.

The music of Little Town Hero was written by Toby Fox, already the author of Undertale. Only a few weeks ago a trailer was presented for the announcement of the launch date of the game. We remind you that Little Town Hero, of which you find a special on our pages, will be released on October 16th for Nintendo Switch.