One Special Day is back: the gaming industry helps people with disabilities

One Special Day

Often the gaming industry is an example of virtuous initiatives in favor of the less fortunate, such as One Special Day, which will return again this year for the fourth consecutive year, on October 4th, together with the charity SpecialEffect.

This is an initiative whereby companies that join accept to devolve the entire profit of a day derived from video game sales, for example, or simply organize events to raise funds.

This one, in particular, will be the biggest edition, because it will see more than 50 gaming companies among the participants, including Sega, Codemasters, Jagex, Zynga, Rare, Rocksteady and many other names, even prominent ones.

From the first edition of 2016 to today, approximately 900,000 pounds have been collected, which have been used, for example, to ensure that even people with disabilities can play video games, such as the creation of the EyeMine software, which allows Minecraft to play using the eyes.

The SpecialEffect CEO and founder, Mick Donegan, said: “This day unites the gaming industry and their fantastic gamer communities because everyone understands that what we are doing is unbelievable. SpecialEffect has an enormously positive impact on the lives of gamers with disabilities, and events like One Special Day play an important role in enabling us to achieve even more in the coming years. “

What do you think of the initiative?