Stormland by Insomniac Games has a release date


During the Oculus Connect 6 event, it was announced that Stormland VR will be available on the Oculus family devices by the end of the year and more precisely from November 14, with preorders already open on Oculus Store.

Stormland VR is developed by Insomniac Games, a team that makes games like Ratchet & Clank, Resistance and Marvel’s Spider-Man, acquired by Sony last August. Despite the acquisition, Stormland will be published regularly by Oculus thus maintaining the agreements previously signed by the company. The pre-orders of Stormland VR are now also open in Italy, the game will be sold at the price of 39.99 euros, there are no (at least for the moment) discounts or bonus content for those who make the pre-order.

At the E3 in Los Angeles our Giuseppe Arace tried Stormland VR and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the production: ” Leveraging on a remarkable environmental interactivity, as well as on an approach that balances exploratory phases and other more action, Stormland made us a great impression: the desire to build an open world in which storytelling, gameplay, and artistic direction create a uniform and well-cohesive union that gives us hope for the success of the production. “

Did you know? During Oculus Connect was also announced Medal of Honor Above and Beyond developed by Respawn Entertainment, a studio author of Titanfall currently also working on Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.