Teamfight Tactics: Riot Games reveals the sensational numbers and the eSport project for 2020

Checkmate: Riot Games Wants Its Own Auto Chess, Here Is Teamfight Tactics

The auto battles, we have already said, are the only real phenomenon of this 2019. DOTA Underlords, Auto Chess, Teamfight Tactics, are dominating the streaming charts and remain very popular among the players.

After Drodo Studio, Riot Games has also decided to think about the future (above all competitive) and has published not only the impressive numbers of its creation, Teamfight Tactics (which came only last June) but also some eSport projects for 2020.

TFT has quickly taken the lead in every ranking and is establishing itself as one of the best alternative game modes for League of Legends in the franchise’s history. Riot therefore certainly could not stand idle and basically confirmed that they are about to inaugurate a competitive scene that will begin next year.

” The percentage of ranked matches, compared to the normal TFT ones, is 4 to 1, and the mode is incredibly popular in some of our most competitive regions like Korea, ” said boss Richard Henkel. ” We want to offer a worthy experience to players who have dedicated themselves with a passion to be the best in the world .”

Riot provided a series of statistics that give an indication of the performance of TFT, including a graph illustrating the amount of time spent by players on TFT compared to other game modes.

The number of hours played on TFT increased in the first two weeks and then stabilized. The All Random All Mid (ARAM) mode is the other mode to have found some stability, remaining in its first five months cost.

TFT players have produced over 1.7 billion hours of gameplay since the launch, of which 720 million last month alone. Thirty-three million players play every month since the launch.

Riot’s confirmation of an imminent competitive scene raises the first questions: will the organizations that are already active in the MOBA be involved? Can a LEC player or any other professional league be a TFT player?

Will there be a stand-alone championship? A 64-player tournament will be presented at the 2019 All-Star event in December, after the conclusion of the World Championships, and on that occasion, Riot could finally unveil the entire eSport project for 2020.