The Death Stranding online will not require a PS Plus subscription

Death Stranding

It seems that the online Death Stranding sector does not require the subscription to a PlayStation Plus subscription, at least according to what is stated on the PS4 PRO Limited Edition package dedicated to the Hideo Kojima game.

On the packaging of the PS4 PRO x Death Stranding bundle, there is a tag that says ” The subscription to PlayStation Plus is required for online multiplayer and is sold separately. Death Stranding does not require an active PS Plus subscription to play “, thus leaving no doubts about it. Considering the very particular nature of Hideo Kojima’s project, the news is not particularly surprising but it is certainly a welcome confirmation.

Death Stranding has entered the Gold phase in the past few hours, the development of the game has ended and the publisher will now take care of printing and distributing physical copies in preparation for the launch scheduled for November 8th. On the same day, the PlayStation 4 PRO Death Stranding Edition will also arrive in the stores with custom-designed chassis and DualShock 4 with logos and colors inspired by the world of Death Stranding.