The launch trailer for Ghost Advent celebrates the release of the RAGE 2 expansion


The guys from id Software and the Avalanche studios feed us the launch trailer for The Ghost Advent to remind us that the first RAGE 2 expansion is finally available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Purchasable at € 14.98 or downloadable “free” by those who already own the Deluxe Edition of RAGE 2, the first major additional content of the Bethesda open-world shooter projects us into the Uncultured City, a new region of the Devastated Populated Area from the cruel members of a cannibal clan known as the Ghosts.

Led by the wicked Iris , the new opponents of the Ranger Walker exploit radioactive feltritis to increase their homicidal abilities: the high rate of challenge promised by Swedish and Texan authors will expand the range of game options available to users with the need to modify dynamically their own combat tactics to get the better of the cunning Ghosts.

In terms of content, the Advent of the Ghosts introduces the Ghost sci-fi motorcycle, the devastating Feltrite Laser weapon powered by the extraterrestrial mineral and Void, an unprecedented ability that gives our alter-ego the power to lift enemies into the air on duty and to “keep them in suspension” to carry out chained attacks.