20 million downloads for Mario Kart Tour, even Super Mario Run benefits from success

Mario Kart Tour: First Details From the Closed Beta for Android

According to what reported by SensorTower, Mario Kart Tour broke through the 20 million downloads from the App Store and Google Play in the first 24 hours of presence on digital stores, numbers that seem to show considerable interest in the game.

The download percentage seems to be equally divided between the two mobile reference stores with ten million downloads from the App Store and the same number from Google Play. To make a comparison, AppTopia remembers that Super Mario Run was downloaded 4.7 million times at launch (only on iOS) while Pokemon GO recorded 6.7 million downloads per day on iPhone and iPad devices.

The success of Mario Kart Tour has also pushed the downloads of Super Mario Run, which yesterday was downloaded by 200,000 people , with a 36% growth compared to the previous 24 hours. Mario Kart Tour also leads the ranking of the most profitable apps on the App Store, having debuted at the top of the rankings in over 58 countries including Japan and the United States.

Nintendo has already promised the arrival of numerous updates with special events and the arrival of the multiplayer, not present at the launch probably to avoid problems with the servers and the online infrastructure.