Apex Legends, it’s official: Season 3 will introduce a new map!

Apex Legends

A few days ago the guys at Respawn Entertainment officially unveiled Meltdown, Season 3 of Apex Legends, but apparently, they hadn’t told us everything yet. A few moments ago, the California developers released a new trailer that officially announces the introduction of a new map for the battle royale!

According to what can be read in the announcement tweet, the new arena will be called the World’s Edge ( The Edge of the World ), a place located on the planet Talos where the magma mixes with the ice chemical plants. You can see the trailer, which includes a taste of the new location, on top of this news. For a real gameplay video, instead, we will have to continue to wait.

Season 3 of Apex Legends, we recall, will start on October 1st and will introduce the new Crypto legend, a new Battle Pass, the powerful Charge Rifle energy weapon and the Class 2 Series, which will also include a revisited scoring system.