Apex Legends: the latest clues point to the arrival of a new map


As you well know by now, Crypto has taken over the Apex Legends Twitter account and is continuously continuing to publish more or less mysterious messages that many fans are trying to interpret.

The last two posts, in particular, seem to contain some clues about what could be a new map for Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale. If in a first tweet we see a structure that fans remember having seen in Titanfall, to which the word “World’s End” is associated, in the second message, accompanied by a file in GIF format showing a spaceship, you can read “Accessing files: New Dawn “ and a sort of timer that points to a new clue between 1440 minutes, or 24 hours.

We cannot establish with certainty if this “end of the world” and New Dawn are references to possible changes coming to the Canyon of the Kings, now under the control of Crypto, or to a real additional map. In the meantime, many think that with the Apex Season 3, entitled Meltdown, a new Arena is ready for its debut.

Waiting to find out what will happen at 7:00 pm today, September 27, 2019, we remind you that recently the data miner discovered references to Apex Legends cross-play between game files, although this feature may not be forthcoming to debut.