Borderlands 3: today is the last day to redeem the free Early Adopter Pack


Have you recently purchased Borderlands 3 on a PC or console? Then know that this is the last day when you can completely redeem the First User package, containing some exclusive items, for free.

In order to add the bundle to your profile, all you have to do is connect the profile of the platform on which you are playing the Gearbox looter shooter to the SHiFT account and, at the next start of the game, you will find all the objects inside the section ” Post”. To find out in detail all the steps necessary to obtain the Borderlands 3 Prime User Package, you can always read our dedicated guide.

For the uninitiated, within the package, you will find 5 very useful Golden Keys, an epic weapon and a skin to customize game menus.

In case you are a novice, you can always take a look at our guide with tips for starting to play at Borderlands 3. If you need some Borderlands 3 code to get Golden Keys and VIP Points to redeem weapons and costumes, you’ll find a lot on our pages.

Finally, we remind you that the last update of Borderlands 3 has fixed some problems related to the framerate of the PC version and has corrected numerous bugs in the local multiplayer and user interface.