Destiny 2: an infographic presents the free contents of A New Light

Destiny 2: An Extra IRON

A few days after Destiny’s debut on Steam: A New Light, Bungie has released an image containing all the activities that players will be able to start completely for free.

Besides being able to play all the missions of the Year 1, or the Red War campaign, the Curse of Osiris and the Bellicose Mind, it will also be possible to access the following contents:

  • Weapons, armor and exotic companies of the Year 1
  • Exotic weapons and exploits of the Year 2: Arbalesta, Perfected Pandemic, Evil Karma and Lord of Thunder
  • Gambling, Verdict and Almighty Gambling
  • Crucible (access to all playlists, set of weapons and armor and seasonal updates)
  • Assaults (Avant-garde playlist and the possibility of launching the assaults of the Year directly
  • Raids of the Year 1 with the possibility of unlocking weapons and armor
  • Access to events such as Iron Banner, Hero Solstice, Scarlet Days and many others
  • Forge of the Black Armory
  • Menagerie
  • Night falls (only Assaults of the Year 1)
  • Private Match (Azzardo and Crogiolo)
  • Access to all patrol areas, including the Moon

All players will also start from Level 750 for not having any disadvantage compared to all the old users and will be able to reach the maximum level even without being in possession of Shadows from the Deep. If you have already played the game on any platform we also recommend that you enable Destiny 2 cross-save and switch to Steam, which is available for a few more days.