Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: new images show the next weapons of the Pinnacle

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

With the arrival of Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep the weapons of the Pinnacle will also return, which in the Season of the Timeless will take the name of “ritual weapons” and will not boast the presence of unique perks.

The developers want to put an end to what happened in Year 2, where some Pinnacle weapons that could be obtained in the Crucible “broke” the game, making them even stronger than exotic guns. In this regard, the exclusive perks of Vetta, Gladio di Redrix, Vetta, Ululato and Per non-Dimenticare will undergo some retouches downwards and the next weapons will be strong but still in line with the other legendary ones.

Here are the ritual weapons that can be unlocked during the first season of Year 3:

  • Half Word, the avant-garde legendary machine gun
  • Randy’s Launch Knife, Crucible’s legendary spear gun
  • Escape Strategy, Legendary Submachine Gun

Currently, no more precise details are known on the perk of these weapons and on the ways in which we will be able to obtain them, but by carefully reading the words of Luke Smith we can guess that the difficulty of new businesses is within everyone’s reach. In short, expect something very similar to the Revenger’s enterprise rather than “impossible” quests such as those of Vetta and Per Non D forget.

Waiting to discover new information, we remind you that Destiny 2 Super Year 2 will be automatically unlocked for all Renegade and Shadows from Profound owners from next Tuesday.