Dragon Quest: the classic trilogy is now available on Nintendo Switch

Dragon Quest: the classic trilogy

The first three chapters of the Dragon Quest saga are now available for Nintendo Switch, via eShop. These three titles include the Erdrick trilogy and are all interconnected by the story about the legendary hero.

The publication of the classic trilogy comes in conjunction with the launch on the console of the great N of the last chapter of the series, Dragon Quest XI S, the final version of the game. In a Livestream that Square Enix dedicated to the event, there was the talk of Satoru Iwata, the late former president of Nintendo, who ardently wanted the famous JRPG to be published on the Switch.

The games dedicated to the classic trilogy, already available on eShop, can be purchased separately and include Dragon Quest for 4.99 euros, Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary for 6.49 euros and Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation for 12.49 euros.

A fantastic opportunity to get your hands on the history of Dragon Quest, waiting to learn more about the new chapter of the saga, Dragon Quest XIIalready confirmed by Square Enix.