Life is Strange 2: the co-director of the game explains the distance between one episode and another

Life is Strange 2

Square Enix has not yet published sales figures for Life is Strange 2, the episodic sequel to the Dotnot graphic adventure. While the first chapter of Life is Strange has met with great public success, the second does not seem to have received the same attention.

One of the reasons that could be at the base of this gap lies in the very long time span between the publication of an episode and the other.

Answering on the subject to a question by Dualshockers, Michael Koach, co-producer of Life is Strange 2, provided a broad explanation: “The game is much bigger, with longer episodes. In the first season, each episode lasted two or three hours, while in the second one more or less three to four hours. Furthermore, the game is more ambitious, with a film structure and new characters and environments that are encountered in each chapter, so much longer development time is needed between one episode and another. I understand that the waiting window of three or four months can be frustrating for some players, but we have a game structure for which each episode is a small journey. ” Koach then concluded by saying: “I would like to reduce development time, but this allows us to interact with the community and to satisfy some requests. We should find a way to improve. ”

The last chapter of the second season, scheduled for December 3, has been postponed. Waiting to receive new information on the publication, we remind you that Life is Strange 2 Episode 4 is already available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.