Lots of new details on Ellie’s skills and moves in The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 Has Sony Postponed the Release Date to 2020

As we could see in our test of The Last of Us 2, the new chapter of the highly anticipated title of Naughty Dog will be full of news, both in terms of history, given the change of protagonist, for example, and from the point of view of the gameplay.

In a long post on the PlayStation BlogSony has revealed the main features that Ellie will have in the game, and the differences from the first chapter. Integrators, for example, will be present again and will be able to unlock new skills, but now specializations have also been introduced, thanks to which the player will be able to shape the character according to their preferred style of play.

Focusing on Survival, health, listening mode, and throwing distance will be improved, Creation will instead make the implementation of upgrades more effective, while Stealth will increase the speed of movement from crouching and will unlock silencers for firearms.

As for the gameplay, as Ellie is more agile than Joel, she can jump and cross small crevasses, but also dodge melee attacks with a dedicated key. Furthermore, by holding down cercio, Ellie will launch herself on the ground to hide from the sight of the enemy, for example, or cross narrow passages.

In short, if you plan to surprise your enemies by surprise, the game offers plenty of new opportunities to refine your techniques, at least against the CPU. It has been confirmed that in The Last of Us 2 there will be no online multiplayer.