No multiplayer on The Last of Us 2, Naughty Dog works on an online game … for PS5?

naughty dog

The Last of Us 2 will not have multiplayer, as confirmed by Lead Game Designer Emilia Schatz, however, Naughty Dog has published an update about it, specifying how the company is developing a project focused on online multiplayer.

The study published an open letter on Twitter, which we report below:

” We had thought of multiplayer for The Last of Us Part 2 but the single-player campaign is by far our most ambitious project. We developed the Faction mode for the first The Last of Us and since then the vision of the team has grown, but we wanted to focus on the single-player so we made the decision not to enter any multiplayer mode in The Last of Us 2.

In any case, we reassure you because you will enjoy the fruits linked to our experiments with online multiplayer in the future, but not with The Last of Us Part 2. We still have to decide how and when, but rest assured, we will share new details at the right time, in Naughty Dog we are all big fans of Faction mode.

Apparently the studio will not, therefore, throw away the work done and give life to a new multiplayer game, it is not clear, however, whether it will be a new IP or a product set in The Last of Us universe. The most likely hypothesis is that it may be a game intended for PlayStation 5, however, it is only speculation not supported by concrete feedback.