Pokémon GO: some spawn points of the creatures are mysteriously disappearing

pokemon go

With the arrival of the latest Pokémon GO update, it seems that Niantic has made substantial changes to the creatures’ spawn points, sending the world’s trainers on the rampage.

Although the points in which the pokémon appear usually change from time to time, it is the first time since the release of the mobile title that changes of this magnitude have been made. In fact, both the users who live in the city and in the country are complaining, highlighting how these changes affect everyone a bit. According to some users who have carefully analyzed the new spawn points, now there are no more places where five different pokémon can appear, thus separating the individual spawns into a larger area.

There are also those who compared the Pokémon GO spawn system with that of Harry Potter: United Wizards, another Niantic title that shares many mechanics with the Nintendo title, highlighting how in the game based on wizards the spawn points are much more numerous.

Did you know that in the coming days it will be possible to capture Mime Jr in Pokémon GO? The event dedicated to the first generation Pokémon will be active until next Tuesday, October 1st, 2019.