PT: hacker reveals another disturbing detail about Lisa


Despite having recently celebrated its five years since its release, the unlucky Silent Hills demo by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro continues to hold some rather frightening surprises.

Some hackers are continuing to scrutinize every single PT file very carefully and after the disturbing discovery about Lisa, whose 3D model seems to be always present behind the protagonist, another interesting detail about the woman was found. In the very early stages of the demo, in fact, the bathroom door is locked and there is no way to get in it before having performed some actions inside the oppressive corridor. According to what was discovered by the hacker McDonald, not only the fetus in the sink but also the headless body of Lisa, positioned inside the tank, hide in the bathroom in these early stages.

Before leaving you to the video with all the details on the latest discoveries of the user, we remind you that the game, now cancelled, boasted the presence of Norman Reedus as the protagonist.

In the event that you no longer have access to the now unobtainable demo, you can always give a chance to one of PT’s Unreal Engine remakes published for free on PC.