Techland reveals the durability of Dying Light 2, that’s how long it will last

Dying Light 2 Will Resemble Game of Thrones, According to Techland

Techland’s Lead Designer, Tymon Smektala, was interviewed on the Prankster 101 website and on this occasion he spoke (among other things) of the post-launch support of Dying Light 2 and the longevity of the new Polish studio game.

The duration of the experience will obviously vary according to the approach chosen and the game will guarantee numerous alternatives in this sense, offering a rather high replay rate. Smektala talks about the main story lasting about 15/20 hours: “As an indication, I would say 15 or 20 hours, but it is very difficult to make a precise estimate. It is not easy to tell how long it will take to complete the game, as each mission has a thousand variables, being an open-world game, anything can happen. It obviously depends on how you play it … I repeat 15/20 hours for the story and about a hundred hours to examine all the contents we have prepared. “

Dying Light 2 is expected for 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, at the moment the publisher has not communicated a precise date, in all probability, we will know more by the end of the year or early next year.