The Persona 5 Royal Japanese event unveils the Prologue of the JRPG action on PS4

Persona 5 Royal Japanese event

Coinciding with the latest streaming event organized by Atlus to celebrate the imminent launch of Persona 5 Royal in Japan, the authors of the Japanese development and production company showed the Prologue of their JRPG action scheduled for launch in Europe in 2020 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Preceded by the exquisite opening video, the Prologue who will represent the first act of the adventure starring the Phantom Thieves will help us outline the playful, narrative and content contours of the work. Through this important phase, the old and new fans of the Persona series will be able to become familiar with the combat system and the dynamics linked to the dialogues between the main actors and the secondary characters, without disdaining quick excursions to the places we will visit on several occasions during the ‘adventure.

Compared to the original version of Persona 5, the Royal “re-edition” will boast the introduction of a completely new portion of history that will focus on activities to be completed during the Third Semester, in addition to the addition of leisure locations. In terms of gameplay, P5R aims to improve on what has been done in the past with the addition of a system for the customization of weapons, bullets with which to inflict elemental damage and several collectable objects scattered around the map.

At this point, we just have to leave you to the new video of Persona 5 Royal and wait for the announcement of the official launch date in the West, strictly exclusive to PS4, of this ambitious role-playing action.