The setting and the new enemies of the demo of The Last of Us 2 analyzed in detail

The Last of Us 2 analyzed in detail

Details of The Last of Us 2 continue to arrive after Sony and Naughty Dog finally started removing the game’s gameplay, including gameplay, for the happiness of all the fans waiting for the second chapter of the acclaimed video game.

In particular, we talk about the setting seen in the last demo. In the first part, we find ourselves near Jackson, Wyoming, where Ellie patrols abandoned villages buried under the snow. The character will, therefore, have to watch his surroundings next to Dina, being careful of infected, marauders and survivors.

In the second part, instead, the setting is that of Hillcrest, a suburb of Seattle, where vegetation is recovering what man had built, so it is not uncommon to see greenery between the ruined streets, for example, for a definitely special atmosphere.

But there will be no time to enjoy the view: Ellie will have to face many new enemies, such as shamblers, a type of infected who spray acid gases and can withstand large amounts of damage, and as if they weren’t enough they explode once killed.

We will also have to watch out for dogs. As mentioned in the previous news, among the novelties of The Last of Us 2 gameplay there are many skills to avoid being noticed by enemies, including crawling in the grass. Dogs, however, are able to identify and follow Ellie’s tracks, so you will need to pay double attention to avoid close encounters with deadly quadrupeds.