Death Stranding: Sam’s child can communicate with us through DualShock 4


Finding bizarre and curious choices, Death Stranding – as well as other titles in Kojima’s videogame career – is full of them. Through his ever-prolific Twitter account, the Japanese game director has yesterday unveiled a further detail that will make the new PS4 exclusive expected in November even more unique.

As you can see by reading the twitter published by Kojima, the already iconic Bambino Ponte that Sam Bridges will bring along his tortuous journey between the United States of America will be able to communicate directly with the player using the DualShock 4 speaker. In this way, for example, we will know for sure when the Bridge Baby will be scared or stressed, and it will be up to us to be able to calm it.

Kojima also took advantage of the opportunity to present with a new image the PlayStation 4 Pro in a limited edition of 1 Terabyte that will come with customized front screen printing, DualShock 4 controller inspired by the BB Pod and a copy of Death Stranding in physical Blu-Ray format ( no details yet about the launch price).

We recall that Death Stranding will be published exclusively on PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019. To take advantage of the online features of the new Kojima game (now in the Gold phase) you will not need to subscribe to a PS Plus subscription.