Gran Turismo PS5: Polyphony Digital works on a procedural generator of scenarios and cities


The developers of Polyphony Digital presented at the CEDEC of Yokohama a futuristic procedural generation engine capable of creating elaborate city settings and immense natural sceneries, thus suggesting its future implementation in the next chapter of Gran Turismo on PS5.

Based on the now consolidated technique that involves the creation of objects, in-game elements managed by the AI ​​and entire regions that can be explored through a series of parameters that, once configured, do not involve any subsequent human intervention, the new procedural engine of Polyphony Digital aims at shaping an almost infinite variety of game environments.

The program developed by the authors in the wake of Kazunori Yamauchi, therefore, could be used to lay the perfect basis for a next-gen track editor, with hundreds of parameters that can be set freely by the players to offer them software that is significantly more advanced than the GT6 Track Path Editor.

The demonstration offered by the Japanese artists Mariko Nagatomo and Akira Saito on the CEDEC stage testifies to the extraordinary simplicity of use of this procedural engine that deals with “building in real-time” the orography, the flora, the cities, the roads and the eventual automotive circuits in extremely large maps. In the past editions of CEDEC, the authors of Polyphony Digital have also discussed dynamic lighting technology through Ray Tracing and new development techniques to be adopted to make the appearance and driving model of video game cars of the future even more realistic . What are clues about Gran Turismo for PlayStation 5?