Mario Kart Tour: how to make a Rocket Departure to sow opponents

Mario Kart Tour on Mobile Systems: Invitations for Closed Beta Start

Like most mobile games, Mario Kart Tour also includes very easy to learn mechanics. This, however, does not mean that the title is also simple to master! It is possible to learn different tricks to become more competitive, first of all, the method to make a Rocket Start!

Whoever starts well is half way through the work: this famous proverb also applies to Mario Kart Tour. In Nintendo’s new mobile title, you can make a Rocket Start by performing a precise maneuver, which requires attention and timing.

Here’s what you need to do: on the starting line, place your finger on the screen when the countdown is on 2, and remove it only when the VIA message appears. The better the timing with which you perform this operation, the more effective is the start! By successfully completing this maneuver you will also get additional points, which they certainly don’t!

Mario Kart Tour, we remember, is available for free on iOS and Android mobile devices. The title offers players the purchase of a Gold Pass, a subscription that offers exclusive content and the release of 200cc karts for 4.99 euros per month.