Nintendo Switch Lite: second best launch for a review of a console in Japan


Some confusion has been created around the sales results achieved by Nintendo Switch Lite at the launch in Japan. The first data provided by analyst Daniel Ahmad spoke of about 114,000 units sold, but soon the Japanese magazine Famitsu intervened by clarifying that the total amounted to a much larger 177,000 instead.

Many (even the stock market, given the decline in Nintendo’s shares ) have also underestimated the performance of the new Kyoto laptop as it has been linked to the high forecasts of the analytical company Citibank, which expected 300,000. The numbers, in any case, are clear, and the truth is that Nintendo Switch Lite has recorded the second-best launch in history for console revisions.

According to the data collected by the Game Data Library, better than the new laptop did only the Nintendo 3DS XL, which in June 2012, accompanied by New Super Mario Bros. 2, placed 187,840 units at launch. Beaten Nintendo DSi (November 2008), third in this special ranking with 177,936 units, and New Nintendo 3DS XL (October 2014), fourth with 164,756 units. We need to get down to the seventh place to find the first non-Nintendo review, Bandai’s Wonder Swan Color, and in twelfth for the first Sony console, PlayStation 4 Pro.

Nintendo’s expectations are definitely not known, but in light of the historical data gathered here, it is very likely that in Kyoto they are quite satisfied. It will be interesting to monitor sales in the coming months, as we are about to enter the holiday season and that the launch of Pokémon Sword and Shield is getting closer and closer.