The career of FIFA 20 is full of bugs: when will the corrective patch arrive?

FIFA 20:

After a period spent in Early Access, first for EA and Origin Access subscribers, then for buyers of the Ultimate Edition, yesterday 27 September FIFA 20 was finally made officially available for everyone. Players have flooded the game servers, and have already identified some problems between games.

According to what can be read on Reddit, the Career Mode is plagued by numerous bugs and problems of various kinds, some of which are inherited from the previous chapters, having never been resolved definitively by EA Sports. One of the most serious is the reluctance of some top teams to field their best players. Artificial Intelligence insists on sending field replacements and reserves even if the best players are available, making progress much easier than it should be. This, in any case, is just one example: a Redditor has compiled a long list of bugs that can be consulted at this address.

The thread has gained enough visibility to get the attention of the EA Sports guys. Corey Andress, Global Franchise Lead of the team, spoke on Twitter to explain that the developers are aware of Career Mode problems and are working hard to solve them. Andress, however, confessed that the publication of a corrective patch will not be immediate, and could not communicate precise timing. As a result, players will necessarily have to be patient or face another of the many waiting game modes.

Have you encountered any bugs in your career? FIFA 20 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. In the past few hours, EA Sports has announced the arrival of the Ones to Watch players in the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team packages.