Borderlands 3, there are already mods for all tastes: here is a selection


Borderlands 3 has been around for more than two weeks now, more than enough time to allow modders to become familiar with code and game files and create mods and trainers capable of providing new opportunities (or shortcuts, in hindsight) of gameplay.

A lot of useful tools are already available for the geekier among you. The Fling Trainer, for example, allows you to modify statistics, drop frequency of weapons and equipment and set up infinite ammunition. Thanks to the Intro Skipper it is possible to eliminate the introductory screens that come between you and the main menu, making you spend more time than you should without sowing destruction. Very punctual, as already happened with the previous chapters, the rescues with characters at level 50 also emerged online, useful if you intend to start a second walkthrough and arrive directly at the endgame without re-addressing the main campaign. What’s more, there is also the Limbo mod, which removes the user interface and gives Borderlands 3 a black and white look inspired by the excellent Playdead platform/puzzle. Remaining in the graphic field, we remind you that we have already shown you a mod that simulates Ray-Tracing.

What do you think? Will you download some? We remind you that the PC version of Borderlands 3 is currently an exclusive of Epic Games Store, and will arrive on Steam in about 6 months. The Gearbox looter shooter is of course also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The latest patches have slightly improved performance and boosted the hunter Zane.