Fortnite: how to get 130 V-Buck for free on September 29

Fortnite: How to Get 120 V-Buck for Free (29 May 2019)

Even today Epic Games allows Fortnite Salva il Mondo players to get at least 130 V-Buck by completing a couple of missions set in Montespago.

Before offering you the list of today’s missions, we remind you as usual that to maximize the amount of V-buck obtained each day, it is always advisable to complete the Daily Task, whose rewards range from 50 to 100 V-Buck.

Here are the alerts of the day:


  • Face a category 3 storm, Desert (Recommended Home Base Level 100) – 40 V-Buck, Survival Experience Points, Eye of the Storm, Seasonal Gold
  • Repair shelter, City (Recommended Home Base Level 128) – 40 V-Buck, Project Experience Points X2, Seasonal Gold

Both missions of today are set in the most advanced area of ​​the game and, in addition to requiring a very high level to be completed, there is also a need for traps and 4/5 star weapons. To access the same missions you see above, the advice we can give you is to ask a friend for help and join him in a private lobby. To create a private party, simply open the drop-down menu at the top right, select Privacy and set it to “Friends only” .