Joy-With Drifting also on Nintendo Switch Lite: console added to the Class Action


The number of Joy-Con reports continues to multiply on Nintendo Switch Lite. Apparently, even on the new laptop, there is the annoying phenomenon that causes a continuous movement of the character or camera even if the levers are in the neutral position, which stops only with new input.

To tell the truth, the news does not come entirely unexpected: the first teardowns of Nintendo Switch Lite carried out after the launch have immediately highlighted the presence of analog sticks structurally similar to those mounted on the older sister. Now, not even the decision by the law firm Chimicles, Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith to add Nintendo Switch Lite to the Class Action currently underway in the United States of America, started last July and initially focused solely on the model, is not surprising. original of the console.

The lawyers have attached to the documentation the numerous reports available on the web of users to whom the problem also appeared on the portable console, such as: “I played Link’s Awakening over the weekend on my new Nintendo Switch Lite system, I spent there only 20 hours, but has already begun to introduce the joy-with drift “ . Currently, the Class Action includes complaints from 18 plaintiffs from 16 different US states. Nintendo, for its part, invites all players who have encountered the problem to contact customer service, although judging by some reports, the European division continues to deny free repairs to the Joy-Con outside the warranty period.