Marvel’s Avengers and Thor: all the details on the abilities of the God of Thunder


The review of the characteristics of the abilities that the Avengers will be able to exploit in the framework of the Marvel’s Avengers combat system continues, with new information dedicated to the character of Thor.

Through the official Twitter account of the game, Vince Napoli, Lead Combat Designer at Crystal Dynamics, in fact, dedicates several tweets to the description of the in-game potential of the God of Thunder. ” When it comes to pure destructive power, – he says – no one on the battlefield is better equipped “. Brandishing the Mjolnir, Thor is, in fact, able to move the action from the earth’s surface to the sky, without any particular effort. The legendary weapon allows the Avenger to throw away his enemies, putting on unstoppable combos. ” The Mjolnir – underlines Vince Napoli – guarantees Thor the most powerful area attack in the game “.

The divine origins of the Avenger also allow Thor to channel destructive lightning in each of his attacks or to shape a barrier that can protect him in dangerous situations. The Crystal Dynamics combat designer points out that careful use of the possibilities offered by the power of Odin will be crucial to successfully overcome the most complex battles. To give players an idea of ​​Thor’s potential, the Marvel’s Avengers Twitter account also offers us a video that gives us a glimpse of the mighty skills of the mighty Avenger’s in-game. Looking forward to being able to play it?