Nioh 2 shows itself in action: three players cooperate to take down a colossal boss


During the Tokyo Game Show 2019, the public had the opportunity to learn several new things about what will be the characteristics of Nioh 2, including an online cooperative mode.

This will allow three different gamers to join forces to face the obscure threats of the world of Nioh 2. The Koei Tecmo team recently showed this interesting feature in action, through a demonstration organized at the Osaka PlayStation Live Show, held in during the day today. Directly from the stage of the event, a game session was introduced specifically dedicated to the cooperative mode of Nioh 2, during which three players supported each other during a boss fight against a colossal creature with equine features. You can take a look at the gameplay shown thanks to the video you find directly at the beginning of this news: have a good vision!

We remind you that PlayStation 4 players will soon have the chance to test their new soulsike adventure thanks to the Open Beta by Nioh 2, which is expected to take place between 1 and 10 November.