The Legend of Bum-Bo: video gameplay presents the prequel to The Binding of Isaac

The Legend of Bum-Bo

The Binding of Isaac universe is about to expand thanks to the upcoming release of The Legend of Bum-Bo, a prequel to the game designed by Edmund McMillen.

As the launch date approaches, the videogame author has decided to offer users an interesting opportunity to explore the dynamics of gameplay that will characterize his new work. The creator of The Binding of Isaac has in fact recently released an interesting gameplay video, whose absolute protagonist is the first chapter of The Legend of Bum-Bo. The film has a duration of about fifteen minutes, during which McMillen takes us to the discovery of Dross’s sewers, introducing the game ‘s basic mechanics, the eponymous protagonist Bum-Bo and a boss-fight. As usual, it is possible to view the film directly at the beginning of this news: are you intrigued by this new videogame project conceived by Edmund McMillen?

We remind readers that the latest trailer of The Legend of Bum-Bo has officially unveiled the release date of the game, now not too far away. The title can, in fact, be played on PC and Mac starting next Tuesday 12 November, the date on which it will be made available on Steam. The author, while not providing a precise time indication, also confirmed that the prequel to The Binding of Isaac will also arrive in the future on Nintendo Switch and iOS devices.