Borderlands 3: the best legendary weapons to have absolutely


In Borderlands 3 there are lots of weapons to find, but which one’s are the best? In this mini-guide we want to tell you about the ten most powerful legendary weapons in the game, explaining why it is absolutely worth having in your inventory.

Below, 10 legendary weapons to have absolutely in Borderlands 3


This rifle creates a massive explosion in the immediate vicinity in which the shot is exploded, making enemies out in a few moments even at the highest difficulties. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, with which you can also eliminate most bosses. Don’t miss it.

Night Hawkins

If you need a fast and powerful weapon, this Stranger Things themed submachine gun is for you. Its peculiarity consists in the fact that it inflicts even more damage at night, becoming an extremely effective fire mouth at sunset. Always have it with you during your shipments.


As the name suggests, this shotgun allows at the same time to shoot a medium-range elemental laser and a lot of explosive shots. It is a potentially devastating weapon with every class, endowed with great versatility and ability to inflict damage.

Firesale Long Musket

This submachine gun is in effect a short-range flamethrower that when used creates other smaller short-range flamethrowers. Its only disadvantage is its reach, which means that you will have to be close enough to your enemies. In this case, however, the weapon will be nothing short of devastating.

King’s / Queen’s Call

King’s and Quen’s Call are two weapons that can inflict significant elemental damage. They can be particularly useful in many situations, especially against bosses. You will have the opportunity to drop them towards the end of the adventure.


This fully automatic sniper rifle may not be great for occasional crashes, but it is undoubtedly one of the best weapons for eliminating bosses when it comes to inflicting critical hits in sequence. If you love sniper rifles, you can’t miss it.

Speedloadin ‘Hellwalker

A double-barreled rifle is very effective in inflicting elemental damage. It is very powerful with all classes, in particular with the builds based on close encounters. Always having it with you can be a great trump card.

The Duc

This weapon of Jakobs shoots adhesive shots at enemies, inflicting rather massive damage. If used with precision and timing, managing to inflict critical damage, you will be able to clean up among the enemies.

Rowan’s Call

A Jakob elemental assault rifle that can dispose of large numbers of enemies. Critical hits cause two bullets to regenerate in the magazine, allowing you to shoot longer without reloading. If you are good at dealing with critical hits, this weapon can become particularly deadly.

One-Pump Chump

One Punch Man’s shotgun behaves as expected: just like the character it is inspired by, it can fire a single shot but with extraordinary power.