MediEvil: let’s take a look at the dynamic theme for PS4 of the Digital Deluxe Edition


The re-edition of MediEvil , as has long been known, will arrive on digital shelves, as well as in the standard version (€29.99), also in the Digital Deluxe edition (€ 39.99). The latter will include an Armor Set, the digital illustration book The Art of MediEvil , the digital comic, the soundtrack and also a dynamic theme.

Now, with just a few weeks left to launch, we can finally take a look at the dynamic theme that Deluxe buyers can use to customize their PlayStation 4 dashboard. Thanks to the official PlayStation Twitter account, which has released a short video you can admire below. The theme shows an overview of one of the lugubrious settings of the game, in which at a certain point Sir Daniel Fortesque appears eating a chicken leg. The clip also offers a taste of the background music, so be sure to turn on the audio in the Twitter player.

MediEvil will be launched exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro on October 25th. You still have time to download and play the free MediEvil demo, which as its very title suggests, has “Short Life”. The trial version will in fact be removed from PlayStation Store on October 6th, so run to play while you are on time! If you are unable, then you can console yourself with this MediEvil 4K video gameplay.