Red Dead Online, new Legendary Size: Hunt the Owlhoot family!

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online continues to evolve: today a new Legendary Size has been introduced into the game, asking all border hunters to head the main members of the Owlhoot family, a band of sought-after sadists and without hearts.

“Currently operating in the Rio Bravo, this infamous band of desperados is sought after for multiple accusations of barbarism and murder in the vicinity of the Benedict Pass. It is imperative and urgent that these dangerous criminals be called to answer for their misdeeds by October 7, for capture or death “. You then have a week to end the raids of these dangerous criminals: as a reward, you will receive a bonus of 5 Tomahawks. We remember that the bounty hunters in possession of a license can accept the legendary size missions by consulting their posters at the nearest size bulletin board. Once you complete a mission, you can replay it at a greater difficulty by starting it from any size bulletin board.

Rank 4 or higher Collectors can now participate in a new Free Roam Event to go in search of a rare and very precious Condor Egg. By completing it, they will receive an exclusive Poncho Fuentes in a red and black version. At the fences in Saint-Denis, Van Horn, Rhodes and at the Emerald ranch is now available the Hunting Accept, a brutal and sharp weapon, while from the online menu it is now possible to access the Loot of war mode (Manual aiming).

We also report that all those who will play Red Dead Online this week will receive 200 RDO $ in free, while players who have set up the verification in 2 steps will get a bonus of 2,000 PE of the Club, in addition to a new, exclusive colouring of the Morales waistcoat.