The “moldy” helmet of Fallout 76 becomes an ingame object of Fallout 4 with a mod!

moldy helmet of fallout 76

In late September, an American government commission urged GameStop USA to recall Fallout 76 helmets due to an unspecified risk of exposure to toxic mold. The community of Fallout 4 has thus decided to “take inspiration” from this event to create a unique mod

The author of this project with deliberately ironic tones is Herby 247, an amateur programmer who has decided to create an in-game object that recreates the features and, above all, the “effects” of the infamous Fallout 76 helmet recalled in the United States.

The “Moldy Helmet” mod allows the explorers of the post-apocalyptic dimension of Fallout 4 to equip a special 51-b helmet for their Atomic Armor: the equipment in question does not seem to offer any type of bonus to its user, except for a slight radiation damage caused constantly to “simulate” the effect of mould!

While there was, Herby247 did not miss the opportunity to turn the knife in the wound and reopen the old wound represented by the Fallout 76 bag gate: the “Cotton and Polyester Lining” chosen to represent the name of an of the helmet versions of his mod, in fact, it can only be a mocking reference to the nylon bag of Fallout 76 and to the operation conducted with difficulty by Bethesda to carry out the replacement with cotton canvas bags.