Apex Legends: the free rewards of Season 3

Apex Legends

The new season of Apex Legends made its debut on October 1st along with the Battle Pass Season 3 which includes exclusive rewards such as skins, weapon decorations, and legendary items. But Respawn also offers a good amount of free bonuses, let’s find out together!

Those who have purchased the Battle Pass will have access to over 100 items including ” the Lucidi calculations skin for the Longbow and three new legendary skins, as well as legendary items such as the Pathfinder Ice Heart skin, the Fire skin of Lifeline’s revival and reactive weapon skin for the Peacekeeper. “Less numerous, but no less interesting, the free rewards that include the Arctic Inferno skin for Caustic, 5 Apex Packs, seasonal counters for all Legends and the Mirage loading screen.

With the Apex Legends Season 3, the Confini del Mondo map also appeared, and it was confirmed that a special Halloween event will soon start, dedicated to the scariest party of the year. Yesterday evening (Tuesday 1 October) there were some problems with the Apex servers, due to the high number of connected players for the launch of Season 3, but the situation returned to normal within a few hours and currently, there are no access problems.