Brutal Minecraft: a Doom mod turns the Mojang game into a violent FPS


Are you tired of the usual Minecraft and its relaxed atmospheres? Then we can only advise you to take a ride on Brutal Minecraft, a hilarious Doom mod that carries a wave of blood and guts in the cubed world.

By applying this mod to Doom, in fact, you will distort the appearance of settings and adversaries, which will be extremely similar to those we have come to know over the years in Minecraft. The only real difference with the title Mojang consists in the possibility of brutally eliminating anyone who gets in front of gunshots or Kalashnikovs and leaving behind you a very long trail of blood.

Before leaving you to a gameplay movie of the mod, we remind you that anyone can download Brutal Doom directly from the relevant page on moddb, where you will find all the information also on the procedure to install it.

About the cube title, did you know that new biomes and enemies are coming for Minecraft? The update in question will enrich the variety of areas and creatures of the Nether and should arrive over the next few weeks. In case you missed it, the Minecraft character editor officially entered beta and allows players to create their own digital alter ego.