CoD Modern Warfare: will Dr. Disrespect organize the first $ 100,000 tournament?

Dr. Disrespect Spotted at the NBA Finals.. in Stage Costume

The Dr. disrespect may soon organize the first tournament of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The popular streamer has declared that he wants to organize a “Code Red” tournament hosted on BOOM.TV with a 2vs2 format characterized by cross-play and a nice jackpot of 100,000 dollars.

The Dr DisRespect tournament idea is not yet defined and no further information is available at this time. The eclectic streamer asked many colleagues and CoD professionals to contact him privately to assess the feasibility of the event and it seems there are already many interested.

Douglas ” Censor ” Martin, Austin Pamaj and Preston ” Priestahh ” Greiner of the FaZe Clans immediately gave their support to the idea along with other content creators, professional players and old glories.

The “Code Red” tournaments are already very well known and in the past have hosted great personalities and professional players in events dedicated to titles like PUBGFortnite and Apex Legends.

The eventual Modern Warfare tournament of Dr. DisRespect would be based on quite particular rules: all pairs of players must have one player on PC and another on the console.

We’ll see, there is plenty of time to organize it since the new CoD will be released only at the end of October.