Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is the most sold of the moment on Steam

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

That of Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep on Steam was a bang with a bang since the Bungie shooter was immediately finished at the top of the list of top-selling titles on the Valve digital distribution platform.

At the moment the various editions of Ombre dal Profondo (Standard and Deluxe) and the Expansion of the Renegades occupy the top three positions of the ranking, highlighting how the interest of users towards the shooter and all its novelties is very high. Also contributing to this success was the debut of Destiny A New Light, a free version of the game that provides players with all the activities of the first year, a selection of contents from Year 2 and all the PvP and PvPvE modes such as gambling.

The popularity of the game on Steam has also already achieved a small record thanks to the 144,000 players connected to the Destiny 2 servers during the last hours, despite the initial problems and the extraordinary maintenance started following the frequent disconnections by users.

In case you are curious to see the Moon in motion, you can take a look at the replica of our direct Twitch on Destiny 2 Shadows from the Deep, during which Francesco Fossetti massacred the hive in the new setting for three hours.