Destiny 2 starts well on Steam with a peak of 144,000 players connected simultaneously


The arrival of Destiny 2 on Steam and the arrival of Shadows from the Deep seems to have contributed to the successful re-launch of the Bungie shooter. Late yesterday evening there were 100,000 players (on average) connected simultaneously with peaks that reached 144,000 users only on the Valve platform.

The high number of connected users caused Destiny 2 server problems, as many expected, the infrastructure remained offline for a few hours due to extraordinary maintenance, at the time of writing the situation is back to normal and it is possible to play Destiny 2 and Shadows from the Deep without disruptions. For the occasion, Bungie recalled the main novelties of the game:

Destiny 2 A New Light

Now Destiny 2 is free for everyone and will be a new entry point for newcomers, which puts the worlds of Destiny 2 (and all its modes, activities and rewards) in the hands of each player, without any obstacles to come in. In addition, players will be able to freely travel to any destination, including the Moon, and will even be able to take part in the first mission of the Deep Shadows expansion campaign. Now everyone can play Destiny 2 on all major platforms!

Destiny 2 on Steam

Steam will be the new home for the Destiny community on PC. Current PC players will be able to transfer all their progress and all purchases to Steam for free, including guardians and deposits.


In this new era of Destiny 2, we are committed to unifying our global community. Cross save will be available on all supported platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia during the fall. With the Cross save you can access the same characters connected to a primary account, allowing you to unify your gaming experience with the same guardians on different platforms.

Google Stadia

Many new guardians will arrive when Destiny 2 debuts on Google Stadia this fall. Stadia is a new Google gaming platform for playing AAA games on any type of screen. To learn more about Destiny 2 and Google Stadia visit the official Stadia page by clicking on the link below.