FIFA 20 Time: how to earn coins Quickly turn

FIFA 20 Time

The Volta coins (Volta Coins) are the in-game currency mode Volta of FIFA 20, with which you can buy different items for your players and accessories. In this mini-guide, we explain to you how to earn and accumulate them quickly.

With the Volta Coins, you can buy a series of cosmetic items for your players in the Volta mode of FIFA 20, in order to customize their appearance. Below we will explain how to earn these credits, giving you some useful tips for accumulating them as quickly as possible.

How to earn the Volta Coins

In Volta mode, you will earn credits at the end of each match. Completing the games, online or against the CPU, is currently the only way to earn VC.

One way to accelerate the Volta Coins’ gain is to participate in FIFA 20 Volta tournaments. In Story mode, credits earned in tournaments can exceed ten times what you would earn after a normal game. The same goes for the Volta League: if you maximize your points in a given division, you will be inundated with credits and the higher the division, the more Volta Coins you will earn.

Increase Volta Coins’ income

There are several factors that determined the number of credits earned in a game. You will get a certain amount just for having played the match, and some more credits if you can win. You will also earn more credits if your player gets a higher game score, and even more if you are present in the Clip thanks to a salient play made at the end of the game. Both the evaluation of the game and the Clip make you earn more coins than the simple victory. The higher your rating, the more coins you will earn.

The difficulty level is another parameter to increase the number of Volta Coins obtainable in a game. The higher difficulties multiply the earned credits: playing at difficulty Beginner is the base, the amateur difficulty provides a multiplier 1.1, Semi-Pro a multiplier 1,2 and so on, up to Legendary, which multiplies the VC credits earned by 1.5.

You will also earn extra credits in Volta League if you manage to put together a certain number of consecutive wins, without ever losing.

How to earn credits Quickly

Here we come to the point: what is the best way to earn credits Quickly turn? First of all, we advise you to set the highest difficulty level with which you are at ease, in order to obtain a multiplier for the number of Volta Coins earned, and at the same time succeed in winning the greatest number of games (possibly in a consecutive way).

First of all, dedicate yourself to the story mode: besides being a good way to familiarize yourself with the controls, improve your player and grow your team, during the course of the story mode you can get a lot of coins every time you win a tournament.

After that, switch to the Volta League: in story mode you will get thousands of credits for winning tournaments: from 2,000 to 10,000, depending on the level of the story you are in. However, each tournament will take some time due to footage, training and matches to be played. If you want to accelerate the process of earning credits, the Volta League remains the most effective way to accumulate money quickly. By winning constantly you will get a lot of coins thanks to the bonuses obtained with consecutive wins, without considering those related to the division.

Volta Tour is another way to make credits quickly. Tournaments do not pay as much as the story mode or the Volta League, but on the other hand, you can set the difficulty at any level, and choose tournaments with rules such as “Win first to reach X goals”, in order to create short games.