Fortnite: Season 11 postponed, here’s the news about the 10.40.1 update

Fortnite 10.40.1 update

There seem to be some minor problems for Fortnite, given that, according to the usual data miner, Season 11 was postponed for a few days. For a while, the game’s files seemed rather uncertain about the end of Fortnite’s Season 10 and the beginning of the new one actually.

Now the window for the start of Season 11 should be between 13 and 17 October, so it will take a little more patience. Meanwhile, however, after the update this morning, the Fortnite 10.40.1 update was introduced: let’s see all the news together.

As for Royal Battle, from October 8th the new Heroes Timeless missions will arrive, and by completing some goals you will get many rewards, and various bugs and problems of various nature have been solved. Given the extension of Fortnite Season 10, the Batman-themed event will continue for another week.

The Creative Mode instead adds the Meteora prefabricated and three new themed galleries. This is the only update specified in the known patches.

Finally, in Salva il Mondo , there are new Ritmobot missions , the new Schianto Surround hammer , and the gravedigger shovel. Ultimately, the performance of the game on the Nintendo Switch has been improved, which should now suffer from fewer declines in the framerates in the more hectic stages.