GTA 6 will be exclusive time on PS5 for a month?

GTA 6: Could the First Teaser Trailer Be Published in 2019?

The rumor of GTA 6 is the order of the day now, since it is one of the most anticipated titles of all time, despite officially has not yet been announced. Lately, however, the rumors are becoming more and more insistent, and therefore there may indeed be something boiling in the pot.

In particular, a rumor a few months ago of an anonymous third-party European developer has recently returned to the news, according to which GTA 6 would be released during the Christmas holidays of 2020, and that Sony would have entered into an agreement with Rockstar Games for an exclusive 30-day timeline on PS5. In other words, GTA 6 will be released a month earlier on PS5 before landing on Xbox Scarlett and any other platforms.

No one has given much weight to that leak, yet it is a source that in recent months has given various advances on PlayStation 5, most of which later turned out to be true, as Sony officially announced the first features of the console next-gen.

In short, the author of the leak seems to know what he is doing, and even if there is no way currently to confirm the truthfulness of the statement, we are sure that the antennas of fans and the press that are eager to learn more on the new Rockstar game they will be well directed towards its frequencies.

What do you think? What do you expect from the video game? Would you be happy if the leak on the presence of a female protagonist in GTA 6 turned out to be true?