PS5 Camera: new rumors emerge, will it be used for streaming on Twitch and YouTube?


A report by Gizmodo on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett are causing quite a stir, the headnote has revealed the presence of cameras integrated into the new consoles, with a slight technical advantage with regard to the sensor mounted on the next Microsoft platform, defined as more powerful than to that of PS5.

But what will the camera do? In the case of the Sony console, as PSU reports, the camera should be used to allow the streamer to easily transmit their gaming sessions (or any other videos such as talk shows and Q&A) on Twitch and YouTube, without needing to purchase external devices.

Unfortunately there are no detailed specifications regarding the camera, Gizmodo talks about a high-quality sensor mounted on the Scarlett Xbox, capable of recording videos in 4K with a minimum latency and a framerate loss of 2 fps, while the PlayStation 5 camera will be ” of a slightly lower quality, in fact Microsoft, unlike Sony, wants to push strongly on this aspect “, we reiterate, however, that no technical data of any kind have been provided.

The same source then confirmed, as already known, the design of the PS5 Dev Kit and the code name of the same, Prospero, a codename that emerges today for the first time ever.