PS5: new details on the Dev Kit, code name Prospero

PS5 DevKit

Gizmodo has published a series of interesting details on the PlayStation 5 Dev Kit, apparently known by the code name Prospero. The magazine also highlights the reliability of the designs leaked on the net in recent months and rendered by Let’s GO Digital with a result that fully reflects the look of the PS5 Dev Kit.

As mentioned, Prospero is the code name of the kit currently in the hands of ” dozens of publishers and development studios “, it talks about the full support for Ray Tracing and camera technology ” less powerful than that of Xbox Scarlett ” , with Microsoft that would like to re-launch this feature after the flop of Kinect and Sony that would point in the opposite direction. Still, the source makes it known that ” PlayStation 5 will represent the most important generational leap ever for a Sony console and not only “, probably even higher than the transition between PS1 / PS2 and PS2 /PS3.

At the moment the plans for the launch of PlayStation 5 are not clear and the recent farewell of Shawn Layden to Sony could complicate things, it seems that the two sides were very much in disagreement on the marketing plans of the new console and currently, an insider reports ” the situation would be particularly confusing also due to an internal restructuring of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

PS5 DevKit