R6: a Na’Vi player banned for toxic behavior, the finals at risk

R6: a Na'Vi

Doki, a professional player who currently works for the Natus Vincere organization, was playing in streaming at Rainbow Six Siege when, suddenly, the message appeared: ” Removed from the game. You have been permanently suspended due to toxic behavior “.

Doki is a well-known player in the Rainbow Six community for his personality and for always playing with other famous players and streamers like Niclas ” Pengu ” Mouritzen. Strange, then, that Doki was banned so suddenly.

Other professional players and fans all stood on Doki’s side, clamoring for the ban to be lifted, as it appears to have been handed down for no apparent reason.

Other R6 pro players, over time, have had to deal with the ax’s ban. Alexander ” Skys ” Magor and Gabriel ” LaXInG ” Mirelez, both of the Reciprocity Team, were banned from participating in the Pro League in 2017 due to ” unacceptable behavior “. Shortly after, however, the boys’ accounts were restored allowing them to re-enter the competitive circuit.

The British’s sudden ban represents a nice fiddly cat for the Na’Vi, because the organization is on equal points with G2 and Empire, and will fight to snatch the second slot in the Pro League finals in Japan.