Sony, Warner and Sega accused of tax evasion in the UK, would have exploited a ploy

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The news according to which giants like Sony, SEGA and Warner Bros. would have exploited a make-up in English territory to escape taxes is making a sensation among the gamers (and not only) of the whole world.

In an article published in The Guardian, a famous British magazine, it is stated that the companies mentioned above took advantage of Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR). For those who do not know what we are talking about, the VGTR is nothing more than an initiative aimed at encouraging the development of video games by small independent teams, which can receive an expense reimbursement that can bring back up to 20% of the costs in the pockets of the developers incurred.

However, it seems that the major companies, which would have swallowed up 80% of the repayments granted by the British government, have benefited most from the initiative in question. There is a talk of 60 million pounds for Warner Bros., 30 for Sony and 20 for SEGA. It is also not excluded that there are also other important publishers who have taken advantage of the situation, even if in the Guardian article no other companies are mentioned outside these three.

Waiting to find out more details about the issue, we remind you that such situations also occurred in the United States and, unfortunately, also in environments other than the gaming environment.